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Kitty Heel Slippers (Pink)

Sale price$44.00


-  dispatch within 10 days

- Heel hight: 9.5 cm, Platform 2 cm

- Due to manual measurements, 1-2 cm margin error may exist ~

EU US  cm
35 4.5 21.5
36 5 22.1
37 6 23.2
38 7 23.8
39 8 24.6



How to Measure Your Shoe Size 

To find out your shoe size, follow the instructions below to measure your foot, and then use the charts above to find the appropriate size conversions.

  1. Get a ruler, pen, and piece of paper.
  2. Place the piece of paper flat on the ground and stand on it. Make sure your foot is flat.
  3. Make a mark behind your heel and another in front of your longest toe. If one of your feet is larger than the other, use the longer foot to measure your size.
  4. Measure the distance between the two lines in inches or centimeters.
  5. Find your measurement on either the women's or men's size chart above to determine your correct size. If your measurement falls in between two sizes, round up.